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Personal, Health & Social Education

Friday, 3 March, 2017

This morning in our P.H.S.E information morning,our students coached parents in using a strategy to solve conflict. This 'Peace Bridge' strategy is used by our trained team of Student Peacemakers, to solve conflicts and disputes on the playground. This is just one example of Personal, Social and Health education, which is a critical part of everything we do at school.

What is the point of just educating students to be knowledgeable, without specifically teaching them how to relate to each other, how to interact and how to demonstrate the attributes of the IB Student Profile (Principled, Risk-taker, Balanced, Caring, Inquiring, Open-Minded, Reflective, Thinkers, Communicators, Knowledgeable)? We offer our students opportunities to develop these attributes everyday in many different situations.

Becoming a Peacemaker requires patience, maturity and sensitivity and this morning our team of Peacemakers showed how to create peace out of conflict, a humbling experience for us all.