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Personal Project Exhibition Impresses Visitors

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

From my perspective, it is fascinating to observe how our students develop over the years, and I find it particularly interesting to see what topics they choose for their Personal Project in grade 10, the 5th year of the Middle Years Programme.The Personal Project is one of the most challenging - and also most rewarding - parts of our students’ journey, and Elizabeth Appleton, who is the Personal Project Coordinator at BBIS, has been a key player in helping the students accomplish their goals and prepare for the exhibition.Thank you Ms Appleton for all your guidance and support for the students!


By Elizabeth Appleton, Personal Project Coordinator:

On the evening of Tuesday 20th February, the Personal Project Exhibition 2018 was opened to the school community, and Grade 10 students’ family and friends gathered in the Sports Hall to share their success. The evening opened with speeches by Arabela Y, Imbar A, Aenne T, Soheyla G and Justus B, who introduced the guests to the project, explained their selected Global Contexts, and highlighted a few particularly unusual projects that could be seen at the Exhibition.  

Some students had really allowed their creativity to guide their projects, with Peixuan W’s pop-up book on Japanese Lolita fashion, Marie-Cecile’s M’s portrait, and original photography representing Berlin’s cultural diversity from Lilly M, Lilly S and Lili M.  Others had taken the opportunity to investigate something scientific, such as Bandar A’s project on renewable energy sources, or Rauf A’s model demonstrating wave patterns.

Building an impressive and professional product has always been a hallmark of some of our most ambitious Personal Projects at BBIS, and this year Leo L blew us all away with his handmade RPG gaming table, which he has kindly donated to the popular RPG club. One of the most colourful stands was Karolina K’s - she had made a pair of beautiful orthopaedic shoes, and she was very much in demand to explain them.  

Many students had a very personal story to tell with their projects, such as Hendrik D’s film about living with cerebral palsy, or Soheyla’s research into her genetic mutation, and others were looking towards a future in business, such as Nicolas H and Dario Z.

The whole BBIS community seemed to flood through the doors of the Sports Hall on Wednesday 21st February, when the exhibition was open throughout the day.  Primary School students loved hearing about Kimi R’s investigation of the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, or about tennis from Cem O’s eye-catching stand. Visitors were also treated to musical performances, with a showcase of songs from Daniel F’s original musical, ‘The Storm Guide’, and the entertainment provided welcome breathing space for the rest of the Grade 10 students.  By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted, having explained their projects and presented their stands up to thirty times!

Once again, we are extremely proud of our Grade 10 students. This year was the most impressive Exhibition yet!  Their resilience, hard work, energy, creativity and relentless pursuit of excellence deserve the highest possible commendation.

Personal Project Designing Orthopeadic Shoes