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E.N.G.A.G.E. Six pillars of well-being

The Core of Positive Education at BBIS

curriculum created by Dr. Elke Paul

Enjoy positive emotions

We all enjoy positive emotions, yet we often focus on the negative ones we experience.

Looking for the positive experiences throughout the day can be trained. Positive emotions allow us to take a broader perspective. We look for more creative, flexible and unpredictable ways of thinking and acting.

Negatives get dealt with

Negative feelings are important indicators in our lives to help us change and find solutions. They need to be seen and dealt with appropriately, instead of swallowed. Practicing strategies to tackle them is key, so they don’t overwhelm us. That way, challenging experiences give room for growth, learning and resilience.

Good relationships matter

Positive social relationships are known to be the number one factor for happiness. While we don’t need many, solid and positive relationships keep us afloat. We can learn how to build, keep and work on our relationships. It requires continuous practice of compassion, empathy and good communication skills.

Accomplish genuine goals

Having a sense of accomplishment is important for all of us. Knowing and using our character strengths help us to succeed and have fun along the way. Overcoming fear of failure, battling procrastination and developing grit are further milestones to follow our plan. Equally important is to find goals that are ethically sound, worthwhile and authentic.

Gentle to body and mind

Good sleep, healthy eating and exercising are key factors for a healthy body. Equally important is to work on a healthy mindset. Mindfulness, meditation and controlling our inner critic are techniques we can learn to boost our mental health. Cultivating these healthy habits supports our balance.

Engage and find purpose

Following an interest that makes us to forget time and space is called flow. Flow contributes to happiness. Likewise, giving back and helping out generates positive emotions. Inquiring about our inner purpose strengthens our internal compass to make the right choices. Practising these concepts create a more positive outlook and allow us flourish in life.