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Promoting peace in a polarised world. MUNoV 2019

Thursday, 17 January, 2019

 (MUN) Model United Nations is a meeting where student delegates authentically simulate negotiations of specific committees and organs of the United Nations. Participants choose a country and research their chosen country's position regarding a specific topic. After preparation, they take on the role of diplomats and represent this country in a committee. They debate, convince, bring forward new solutions and solve a world conflict with their own resolution.

This year, the number of members in the MUN at BBIS has risen to around 40 which is a clear sign that our students are interested in world issues and having a voice in dealing with them.

Earlier in the year, students attended an MUN conference in Hannover and, currently, seven BBIS students (four Grade 12s and three Grade 11s) are among the 150 delegates attending the MUNoV 2019 which runs from 16 – 18 January in Vienna.

At the conference, which has the theme Promoting peace in a polarised world, committees will tackle the following wide-ranging, ‘real world’ issues:

Security Council

  • The situation in Palestine
  • Mitigating the effects of terrorism in Africa
  • The question of UNSC reform

General Assembly - Disarmament and Security

  • Curbing the illicit trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALWs)
  • Implementing the Declaration of the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace
  • The issue of the use of autonomous weapons in combat zones

General Assembly - Social and Humanitarian

  • The question of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in conflict zones
  • The status of the Aboriginal peoples in Oceania
  • Reducing the spread of STDs in Africa

International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Promoting the use of nuclear techniques to improve food safety in developing nations
  • The question of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
  • Revising the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Human Rights Council

  • The status of the Rohingya people
  • The question of human rights abuses of illegal immigrants in the United States of America
  • The question of the use of capital punishment

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

  • The issue of gender equality and the empowerment of women in industrialised nations
  • Fostering innovation in the field of sustainable industrial development
  • Facilitating the energy transition in landlocked developing countries

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

  • Combating cybercrime and improving cybersecurity
  • Promoting the practical application of the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners
  • Curbing money laundering in a globalized world

International Commission on the Protection of the Danube River

  • Promoting sustainable agricultural practices and developing preventive measures against eutrophication along the Danube River
  • Measures to ameliorate the influence of invasive species on the Danube ecosystem
  • Implementation of drought forecasting and mitigation systems in Danube communities

Commission on Narcotic Drugs

  • Curbing the illicit trade of drugs in South and Central America
  • Measures to improve medical treatment and societal reintegration for former drug users
  • The question of the legalisation of cannabis


Undoubtedly, these topics will stimulate lively debate and generate well-considered resolutions. The advisor accompanying our students at the conference sent this message this morning:  As always the student are engaged and spending time after a long day of debates to investigate further their committee's issues.


MUN provides wonderful opportunities for our students to gain the experience needed to lead the world when it is their turn; some are already doing that.   


For more information on MUNoV 2019 and to follow the progress of the conference, go to