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PYP - Week 2

Friday, 2 September, 2016

The students now seem to be settled into the routine of school and have got used to being in their new classes. This morning we had our first Fire Drill of the year and they all did exactly what they were supposed to do…it was extremely successful! We have these drills routinely throughout the year, some announced and some as a surprise as it is such an important safety issue.

We have been encouraging the students to be risk takers in their eating and to try different foods at lunchtime. Please note this does not mean that you are children are forced to eat! However, as there is a lot of food waste, we want to encourage the students to ask for how much they need and to regulate their eating more. We will be addressing the issue of healthy eating in assembly and so it would also be helpful if you could talk about this at home too. Many thanks for your support in this.

In the next few weeks we will be posting more regularly on our blog, which will include a mixture of content giving insight into the day to day of our Primary School. Stay tuned for new updates in the coming weeks. 

Just a reminder that our PYP Coordinator, Ms Roy will be holding an information session about our curriculum on September 8th at 0815 in the Aula. At the meeting she will explain how and what your child will be learning over the course of the year and how we teach. Please do come along to hear about this, it is important that you understand how the school works so that we can work as partners in your child’s education.

Enjoy the sunny weekend!

Angela Hollington - Primary Principal

Dates coming up

September 8th 0800 Aula   PYP Curriculum information morning for all parents
September 23rd  0800 Haus 4  Principal’s coffee morning
September 26 – 30th   Grade 5 Trip Week