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PYP - Week 6

Friday, 30 September, 2016

I have just returned from Schloss Krochlendorf where I spent the night with the Grade 5 students. The focus of the week is to develop community, team work and build trust by taking part in different activities.

The week long course is run by qualified Outward Bound Instructors who challenge the students in all areas. It has been a pleasure to see how well they have responded to these challenges and how they have really matured over the week. They will return to tomorrow, tired, dirtier than when they left but having learned many different skills.

Grades 1-4 will have their own Field Weeks in may when they are more mature and ready for staying away from home for a few days.

A reminder that this is a long weekend with no school ion Monday in order to celebrate German Reunification Day.

Enjoy the autumn weather!

Kind Regards

Angela Hollington
Primary Principal

Dates coming up

October 3 - Day of German Unity no school
October 12 - Class Parents’ meeting 0815 Principal’s office
October 16-23 - Autumn Holiday
October 28 - Principal’s Coffee Morning 0800 Haus 4
October 31 - Reformation Day no school
November 1-2 - EE Parent Conferences 1300 -1600
November 3 - Parent Conferences Grades 1-5  no school (scheduled meeting times for individual students)