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Role Models

Role Models

Friday, 31 March, 2017

Dear Parents,

To have role models is human – not just for the very young…

We had a wonderful time this week when students had the opportunity to meet an eminent football player, ask questions and even do a little sport with him. The enthusiasm of the students (and staff, and parents) gave us the opportunity to reflect on how powerful the influence of special individuals is and how we, as a school, should deal with this fact.

Looking at Jerome Boateng and his exceptional career, and listening to a few students this morning, it became clear that it is not the one skill that makes him special: young people admire how he developed his talent, how he made a conscious decision to follow his dream, how hard he worked and still works to be on top of the profession, how humble he is about his success and how he cares about the next generation by now starting and running his third charity.

If kids manage to transfer these insights into their own actions, a lot was gained that Thursday afternoon. What can we as adults learn? Not each of us can be a football star, but we – parents and teachers – are around children most of the day and our behaviour influences their actions. Until robots start populating schools, replacing teachers, we humans have a distinct advantage… let’s make good use of it! For a start, you should see the director less often staring at a smartphone screen….

Enjoy the sunny weekend, and maybe join us for the refugee fun day on Saturday,

Peter Kotrc

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