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A School Is Not A Building

A School Is Not A Building

Friday, 17 March, 2017

Dear Parents,

“A school is not a building” – this old quote still remains as a dogma, expressing that it is the student-teacher interactions that make a successful learning experience. To find out more about how learning is going in our Secondary School, you have been invited to the Parent-Student-Teacher conferences next Tuesday (21 March). Let me stress that the name of the occasion includes students, so it is our clear expectation that students will accompany parents and join the conversation rather than being “talked about” – they are subjects, not objects. And it is not just a day off for the kids either.

But schools are also bricks and clicks, and as space has been rightly called the third teacher, we have this in mind when planning for the renovation of House 5. You can indeed expect some exciting learning spaces there. Samples of newly built schools are currently in the Economist and it is our ambition to come as closely as possible within listed buildings in Germany to an optimal room situation. We will keep you posted!

Best wishes,

Peter kotrc

And lastly, a friendly reminder...

BIMP 2017 will take place Sunday March 19th at 15h - more info here
Habitat for Humanity will be hosting a 'Moveathon' fundraiser Thursday March 30th at 12h - more info here.
Mamma Mia Chorus & Senior School Orchestra in Concert will take place Friday March 30th at 19h - more info here.
BBIS Flohmarkt/Car Boot Sale will be on Saturday May 13th at 10h to 14h - more info and to book a spot for your car here.