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Slankets for Berlin Herz

Wednesday, 20 December, 2017

BBIS at Berliner Herz

On Sunday 17 December, five students from the BBIS Slanket charity group went to Berlin Herz to deliver 20 handmade Slankets and Journals. The group donated BBIS gifts consisting of a teddy bear, colour pencil set, water bottle, journal and a Slanket (blanket with sleeves).

The Berlin Herz intern, Hannah, showed the group around the hospice where there is place for about ten children between the ages of birth to twenty-seven years old to receive palliative care. In Germany there are 22,000 such children. The students were humbled by the tour of the facilities as they realised the simple privilege of being born healthy and staying healthy. The music and light therapy room with the heated water- bed, a favourite space for the Berlin Herz guests, was also the favourite for the Slanketeers.

We aspire to donate many more Slankets and journals to Berlin Herz. We learnt from Hannah that our Slanket is a much loved product by the sick children’s parents because it is easier to use than a jacket which needs wrapping around the often immobile child’s back. Of course, our ECA group is always looking for donations of IKEA blankets (Polarvide 3.99) and old calendars so that we can continue supporting the children at the Berlin Herz.