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May 16, 2020


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Slankets Project

Tuesday, 2 May, 2017

Dear BBIS community,

The student charity group ‘Slankets’ would like to share a most gratifying event which took place over Spring Break. Ms. van der Pol delivered a box of 20 hand-decorated journals with BBIS colour pencil gift sets and 10 student sewn Slankets to the Berlin children’s charity organization, Berliner Herz. As one can imagine, our gifts were very well received.


The students of the Slankets group work hard at transforming IKEA blankets into Slankets and decorating journals. These hands-on tasks, however, seem relatively easy compared to the nitty gritty of a charity, namely fundraising and outreach. Through trial and error, and now with more expertise, students have spent many sessions on writing emails and running campaigns. In all, we are very proud that with patience and diligence, we have been able to deliver useful gifts for children undergoing medical care and we certainly will continue.

It is with sincere thanks that we would like to recognize the PTA for awarding a grant to Slankets to purchase 2 new sewing machines. In addition, thanks go to all members of the community who donated their old 2016 calendars; as you can see the images make for wonderful journal covers. Keep us in mind for the 2017 calendars!






Last, but definitely not least, we wish to thank all parents and community members who have remember Slankets when at IKEA. Every week we have received a few colourful blankets. Slankets are made from IKEA blankets (picture above), since from experience, these particular POLARVIDE blankets are of the quality that best suits the making of Slankets. So, please remember Slankets the next time you visit IKEA.

Please drop your donations off at room 3332 or in the Slanket box in the Atrium of house 3.

All the best from us at Slankets and thank you for all your contribution!