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May 16, 2020

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Special Welcome Day Programme for Grade 11

Friday, 23 August, 2019

Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. (Shakespeare)

On Monday 19 August, we departed from our normal back-to-school routine to focus on welcoming our new students and our returning students to the last two years of their secondary school experience.

The students spent the early part of the day getting know their classmates and their homeroom teacher. They also spent some of this time completing a WOOP Kit to think about their short, medium and long term goals:

WISH: What is your wish, a wish that is challenging, but feasible?

OUTCOME: What would be the best outcome of fulfilling your wish?

OBSTACLE: What is your main inner obstacle that holds you back from fulfilling your wish?

PLAN: What can you do to overcome your obstacle?

The students will return to their WOOP throughout the year to reflect on the fulfilment of their wish(es).

The next session was more pragmatic with the IBDP and IBCP Coordinators providing more detailed information about the two programmes, the yearly plan, deadlines etc.

A barbecue lunch was provided and the inclusion of ice-cream (three flavours to choose from) proved very popular!

A session on transferable skills followed, the first in a series this year, with the view to the students identifying, acknowledging, recording and celebrating the many varied skills which they have learned, and continue to learn, not only in the classroom but through their extra-curricular activities on and off-campus, and in some cases part-time employment.  Sessions will be run for teachers and a coffee morning for parents later in the year will have transferable skills and the implications as its focus. 

The last session was a Selfie Scavenger Hunt. The challenge was to identify places and people in the school via cryptic clues and to record having been there via a selfie. Each group of 5-6 had to present to the whole group at the end. A central aim was to bond the year level and to help with this, the groups had to meet the following criteria:

  • Mixed gender;
  • Returning and new students;
  • Boarders and day students;
  • Multiculti (Countries, Languages., Passports);
  • Tall and short

The cryptic clues included:

  • Work is piling up. Not to worry, I go here. Focussed place I find:
  • Where to take your afternoon at the cricket?
  • Itchy scalp, broken bones, and that routine pre-Math test ‘stomach ache’ … where do I go?

The students took part very enthusiastically and even former students found out things they didn’t know about BBIS.

The final task in the competition was to select the three top characteristics (skills) that future university admissions officers / job recruiters will be looking for in our BBIS graduates.

Thanks to the IBDP / IBCP ‘team’ who made the day not only possible but a purposeful and enjoyable start for all.