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Student Voice And Student Community

Thursday, 30 March, 2017

An idea that came from our students after our 'Refugee Awareness Day' back in November, will culminate in a Fun Day for all on Saturday. After being part of a 'Refugee simulation' our students were talking about what they could do for the refugee children .....and one of the students said 'Can't we just have some fun together?'

Our Primary Student Council took this idea, decided what they thought the refugee children would like to do...and asked members of our community to help. The result has been a real celebration of our community with everyone pitching in to help out: Grade 11 CP students, Middle School service families, the PTA, Class parents, Grade 12 students, the Secondary Student Council, teachers, admin.staff...everyone has helped and all this came from our Primary Student Council making a plan and making it happen.It shows what can happen when students want things to happen.