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Support for Parents

Support for Parents

Wednesday, 20 September, 2017

As a school, we have the privilege of taking part in your child’s education. Like in all partnerships, it takes some time to understand and define roles and borders between the acting persons. In fact, it is an ongoing process, as the main actors – the children – keep changing in their needs from year to year. The BBIS counselling department offers parenting workshops as a forum for parents to discuss issues of concern – the next workshop is on 6th October and will cover the effects of relocation and moving countries on families. A recent good over view for all ages of the challenges of being a parent comes from the New York Times ... and everything else regarding learning, leave it to BBIS!

An equally important topic for the parents of older children is the choice of tertiary education and the question, what steps are needed before to enable sons and daughters to live a happy, fulfilled life – and be able to finance it: you can find an overview here of how (top) universities react to the changes the uncertain future may bring about. You will be surprised how open and flexible places like Stanford intend to become!

Secondary Grades 6-10 will spend the next week on off campus activities with focus on team building. We decided that this happens best early in the school year: from storming to norming to performing!

The second issue of the PTA's newsletter is now live and well worth exploring - key information on many school community activities that may interest you - especially Oktoberfest!

Kind regards,

Peter Kotrc