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Teaching Empathy

Friday, 25 November, 2016

We wanted our students to really understand the Refugee situation and today they all took part in simulations dealing with the concepts we introduced yesterday. Our younger students became part of a refugee family, experiencing loss, change adjustment, sadness etc and our older students took on another culture that had ‘rules’ and experienced what it was like when one culture met another.

The students also had the opportunity to meet Daniel ( who showed us photos of refugee children and told us their stories…as people…not just ‘the refugee children’. Very powerful images and powerful feedback from our students.

The strength of these experiences lies in the students’ reflections and their actions…the ‘ so what’ factor of education…why do we do this? Does it make a difference to our students? Clearly today it did….as in the assembly we focused on getting feedback from the students in small groups and taking suggestions as to what we as a Primary School can do to help. Student voice and action….listening to our students gives us all different perspectives and opens up new possibilities.