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Team Habitat 2018 says THANK YOU

Wednesday, 9 May, 2018

On April 18th the whole school came out for the Movathon to raise money to donate to Habitat for Humanity.
It was a bright blue day to be “moving” as a community in the support of those less fortunate than ourselves.
We had teams playing dodgeball, teams playing football and hundreds of students and staff running and walking around the Seeberg forest.

The grand donation total for the day was €4000 Euros, a truly amazingly generous amount.

Special thanks go to: Lucas P, Lisa J, Chris H, Lisa R, Claudia A for helping ensure a successful day.

In the first week of summer break, June 24 – 30, a team of students and staff will travel to Cumpana Romania to volunteer on a house building project.
The money raised goes into funding the Habitat for Humanity Global Village program, read more.

This is the 9th time BBIS has sent a team of volunteers abroad to help build, we are contributing in a very real way to enable people to have a home.