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That was the year that was .....

Thursday, 20 June, 2019

Dear Parents and Students

That was the year that was …..

As we rush headlong towards the last day of school with all the excited anticipation of those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer, I wanted to look back over this academic year and remember some of the broad learning opportunities, annual and new, in school and beyond the gate:

  • German class visit to a Bundestag session to listen to debating skills ;
  • Grade 11 History day at the Wannsee Conference House;
  • BTEC Travel and Tourism trip to Edinburgh;
  • DP Geography trip to Barcelona;
  • Gr 11 Field trips to Museum Barberini, Urban Nation, Berlinische Galerie, and for the first time, a special figure drawing workshop;
  • Two new international CAS /Service Learning opportunities (United World Schools and TravelEyes);
  • Increased number of MUN conferences;
  • First place in the Science Competition of the Prometeruse Award for Sustainable Schools for our Grade 11 team;
  • ISMTF Math Competition results. Over the  years BBIS has become one of the schools which always has students among the best 10 in the individual and team competitions;
  • Student compositions performed at assemblies and Graduation;
  • High standard musical soirées;
  • Hosting of a very successful IBDP Music Conference;
  • Concerts attended: Klezmer band and a 'mittendrin' concert with Ivan Fischer
  • Habitat for Humanity is taking the largest student group in 10 years (19) on our tenth building trip to Romania. Well over 120 students have contributed their time and effort to the project over the years. 
  • DP Art Exhibition far beyond what IB requires; 
  • The new look ‘blue’ box, a project by two Grade 11 students.

Next year, I am looking forward to a year of consolidation in terms of what we do well at BBBIS and of ‘tweaking’ and innovation in terms of what we can improve on. Details will be made known from the start of the academic year.

While it is always sad to farewell staff as they move on to other ventures, happily, we will be welcoming the following new faculty members to BBIS in the new academic year:


Mr Stephen (Steve) Chae will replace Mr Wallace in the English department.

Initially, Mr Chae will teach English Language and Literature in the Middle Years Programme (MYP).


Welcome back to Ms Kirsten Lund Bruning after her year away. She will replace Ms Mauhs van Hall in the German department. As well as teaching German Language and Literature in the Diploma Programme (DP) and the MYP , Ms Lund Bruning will be the Coordinator of DP Self-taught Languages.

Ms Sara Enyassi will replace Ms von der Heyden and Ms Schmidt, both of whom were part time. .

Initially, Ms Enyassi will teach German Language and Literature in the MYP.


Ms Stephanie Gaudin will replace Ms Pinault. Ms Gaudin will teach French Language and Literature in the DP and MYP.


Dr Simon Durdan will replace Mr Arkilander. Dr Durdan will teach Biology in the DP and Science in the MYP and be a homeroom teacher in Grade 11. 


Mr Paul Anderson will replace Mr Peel. He will teach Mathematics in the DP and the MYP.

Educational Technology Integrator / Secondary Teacher

An educational technology specialist, Ms Maryam Ferdosi will join us i the Secondary section.

So, the new academic year looks as exciting and challenging as ever in the dynamic environment of schools and education, and I anticipate it with enthusiasm.

I wish you and your family a safe, restful but invigorating break. I look forward to seeing you all, ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’ in August.