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Waterproof Panthers - GISST Swimming

Friday, 3 February, 2017

On Thursday the 19th of January, around twenty of our BBIS swimmers traveled together with their loyal mascot, the Panther, to Frankfurt for the GISST swim meet. Four teams, U14 and varsity in boys and girls, had the opportunity to compete against eight other international schools over the course of the tournament. For many students, this was their first ever swim competition and served as a great learning experience.

After a number of close races, several of the waterproof panthers made it to the finals. Notable performances by Imbar for achieving third place over 100 meters backstroke against the varsity girls. Also Oryan (third 50 backstroke), Liam (second 100 freestyle, second 200 freestyle and third 50 freestyle), Louis (third 100 freestyle, third 200 freestyle and third 50 fly) and Adam (third 100 breaststroke) achieved individual medals for the varsity boys’ team who together won a well-deserved second place overall for GISST.

The group is proud to come back smiling with new personal bests, experiences and not to forget their numerous medals. The team showed tremendous sportsmanship and it was lovely to see how the students encouraged each other at the pool. All our students are looking forward to representing BBIS again at next year’s tournament.