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Welcome to the ECA Booklet Term 3

Thursday, 22 March, 2018

We strongly encourage all students to participate in this program as it offers a unique opportunity to meet new friends, be a risk-taker, and share and learn new passions whilst having fun! The program enables students to learn new skills and fully become part of our international school community.
The ECA program aims to further open the minds and eyes of our students, to provide them with something new and challenging to look forward to. We are therefore excited to be able to offer such diverse activities as circus activity, international award, athletic activities, and many more new activities.
We are very fortunate with the generosity and commitment of the BBIS staff, as well as external and volunteer instructors; however, it is sometimes impossible to offer activities all year round. This does however, provide our students with a greater opportunity to try different activities throughout the year.

Term 3 = Monday, April 9th 2018 – Friday, June 15th 2018

You can find the complete booklet here!

Deadline for Term 3 afterschool activity registration and trial period is Friday 20th of April.

Please register via the online link below:
Term 3 ECA Registration Link