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May 16, 2020

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Wellbeing, Yoga and Positive Education

Thursday, 5 September, 2019

After 2 years of intensive training for our Primary and Secondary staff, we are now entering the next phase of our Whole School Positive Education initiative. We will explore Contextual Wellbeing, which means that we will look at everything we do at BBIS through the lens of wellbeing. As an example, we will analyse how we can improve our policies, e.g. homework, assessment, or mobile device policies, and how these reworked policies can enhance student wellbeing.

We are also establishing a collaboration with Geelong Grammar School, the leader in the field of Positive Education for more than 10 years, with the aim to adapt some of their teaching materials for our specific needs.

We will continue to develop the expertise of our staff in this area, in order to expand the opportunities for all of our students to learn about Wellbeing and Mindfulness - from Early Education to Primary and Secondary School.

To put wellbeing into practice, we are happy to announce that we are offering more Yoga sessions this year:  a Yoga ECA for students, one session for staff, and two sessions aimed at parents.

Parent Yoga Sessions:

Tuesdays 8:00 - 9:00 am

BBIS Fitness Room

Gentle Vinyasa Flow with Timea Vernes

Balance, Energy, Strength, Awareness,

Focus, Stretching, Vitality,

Breath control, Peace of mind

All levels welcome!

For more information please email:


Wednesdays 8:00 - ca 9:30 am

BBIS Fitness Room

Sivananda Yoga with Kirsten Oggesen

Relaxation,  Breathing exercises, Asanas including advanced postures

Final relaxation for body and mind & Mantra

All levels welcome!

Starting September 3rd (Tue)

For more information please email:

This session supports the ’Share the meal’, organization that is part of the World Food Program of the UN and is organizing healthy food for children in need all over the world