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BBIS Foundation

A charitable endowment fund designed to help ensure BBIS remains a leader in education for generations to come.


Established in 2021, BBIS Foundation is a charitable endowment fund created by the former shareholders of BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School GmbH. As today’s sole shareholder, the Foundation exists to ensure that BBIS remains a leading, inclusive and international educational institution for generations to come.

The BBIS Foundation is built upon a non-profit structure. We provide material and non-material support to the school for charitable, educational and upbringing-related purposes.

Education allows us to tear down the obstacles which divide us. It teaches us tolerance, open-mindedness and greater understanding of others. Our hope is that through the BBIS Foundation, we can support projects and initiatives which uphold these beliefs in our school community and the wider community.Pam McGuinness, Director BBIS Foundation


Through the non-profit foundation structure, anyone who feels strongly about international education can become a long-term contributor to and co-owner of BBIS through donations.

By donating to the endowment of BBIS Foundation, you show your commitment to the school and leave your footprint in its history. As a donor, you are:

  • A lifelong member of the Founders Assembly of BBIS Foundation
  • Invited to BBIS Foundation events
  • A member of an exclusive network of internationally minded people
  • Honored and recognised by the BBIS Foundation
Your status depends on the amount donated
  • Bronze Founder: 1,000 EUR - 4,999.99 EUR
  • Silver Founder: 5,000 EUR - 9,999.99 EUR
  • Gold Founder: 10,000 EUR - 19,999.99 EUR
  • Platinum Founder: 20,000 EUR - 49,999.99 EUR
  • Premium Founder: 50,000 EUR - 99,999.99 EUR
  • Honorary Founder: from 100,000 EUR

Donations are usually tax deductible according to German Tax Law depending on your individual tax arrangements. A Tax Certificate will be issued upon request.

Account details for donations

Accountholder: BBIS Foundation
Bank: Deutsche Kreditbank AG
IBAN: DE24 1203 0000 1021 0076 36

Board of Directors

The BBIS Foundation Board of Directors administers the Foundation and executes the intention of the original Founders of BBIS Foundation.

The members of the Board of Directors are Mrs. Eve Büchner, Mrs. Pam McGuinness and Dr. Frank H. Walter-von Gierke (Chair).

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees advises, supports and monitors the Board of Directors within the framework of the Foundation Act and the statutes of BBIS Foundation; especially with regard to the permanent and sustainable fulfillment of the foundation's purpose. It decides on matters of fundamental importance, taking into account the intention of the original founders as effectively as possible.

The members of the Board of Board of Trustees are:

  • Mrs. Judith Claudia Kansal (co-opted member, Chair of the Board of Trustees), four-year term
  • Mrs. Anna Vogel (BBIS Alumni representative, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees), four-year term
  • Mrs. Gabriele Weber, six-year term as representative of Andreas Gerl Stiftung as original founder
  • Mrs. Barbara Jäschke, lifelong appointed as original founder
  • Dr. Pia Krone, lifelong appointed as original founder
  • Dr. Hermann Andreas, lifelong appointed as original founder
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Koerfer, lifelong appointed as original founder
  • Mr. David Varzegis (co-opted member), four-year term
  • Mr. Brent Lund Bruning (BBIS staff representative), four-year term
  • Mrs. Ivonne Van Arkel (BBIS PTA representative), four-year term
  • Mrs. Matilda von Gierke (appointed by Founder's Meeting), four-year term
The Founders’ Meeting

The Founders’ Meeting has an advisory function vis-à-vis the Board of Management and the Board of Trustees, providing them both with recommendations on:

  • How further endowments and sponsors can be acquired
  • How the surpluses generated by the Foundation's assets can be used to fulfill the Foundation's purpose

The Founders' Meeting organises events that serve the Foundation's purpose and promotes its public image.

Members include people and legal entities who have donated at least 1,000 EUR to the assets of the Foundation; and those who have provided outstanding services to the Foundation and have been appointed by the Board of Trustees.


For any questions about BBIS Foundation – including our purpose and how to get involved – please e-mail us.