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The mission of the BBIS Library is to provide a collection of materials that will implement, enrich, and support the school curriculum and to meet the individual, educational, emotional, and recreational needs of students, faculty and staff. At the same time we wish to move toward integrating the library, its resources, skills programs and special programs into all areas of the curriculum.

The BBIS library is staffed by two librarians and one library assistant who maintain the collection and coordinate services for students and staff. The total collection of materials is managed by a fully automated catalogue and circulation system. A networked bank of computers and laptops supports various electronic information resources including our online subscriptions to a wide variety of academic journals and the Internet. 

The library is intended to be an open learning centre for the entire BBIS community. All types of resources are available to the students to support and enhance our curriculum. The skills related to the use of these resources are identified and taught through collaboration between the teachers and librarians.

Students have access to the library during the school day, individually or through class visits. The library is open from 8.00am until 4.30pm.


 Please click here to visit BBIS 24/7 digital library for instant access to our catalogue, databases, unit resources and more