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An inclusive learning environment dedicated to the creative, curious and caring qualities of children.

BBIS is a school where every student feels understood, challenged, included, and prepared for life beyond the school campus. Teachers are able and motivated to believe in and support each individual student. Through close collaboration with staff, students and parents, the Student Support Services department provides guidance, coaching, resources and interventions to ensure the success of the vision.

A celebration of diversity and a commitment to the principles of ‘inclusion’ are at the cornerstone of the BBIS philosophy. BBIS values and considers inclusion as an opportunity to enrich all aspects of our community. Embracing the fact that students exhibit a range of abilities and learn differently, BBIS sees inclusion as a means to empower all learners to fulfill their own individual potentials. Equally, we support our students in aiming to achieve excellence in all areas of their learning, including academic, social, emotional, artistic, and athletic growth.

I am incredibly proud of the individual attention that students receive within our BBIS learning community, which allows them to thrive, be successful and achieve their goals.
Jonathan Matthews-Hirsch - Head of Student Support Services

While educational aims for all students enrolled at BBIS are the same, we also acknowledge and understand that students’ progressions towards those goals may be different. In response to differing student aptitudes and abilities, learning styles, interests and goals the Student Support Services department specializes in overcoming certain barriers to learning that may exist for students due to language, learning, health, behavior or social/emotional needs.