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Below you will find a full listing of our annual school fees including additional fees.
School fees will be invoiced in two installments; 60% become due on Sept 1 and 40% on Jan 1.
All registration fees and deposits are due upon receipt of the signed contracts.

Annual School Fees 2020-2021 in Euros

Early Education  
3 to 4 Years 12,400
5 Years* 12,600
Primary School  
Grade 1 15,100
Grade 2 15,600
Grade 3 15,800
Grade 4 16,700
Grade 5 16,900
Secondary School  
Grade 6 17,500
Grade 7 17,700
Grade 8 17,800
Grade 9 18,700
Grade 10 19,000
Grade 11 19,600
Grade 12** 19,600

EUR 1,800 for standard local services provided by the county Potsdam-Mittelmark are already deducted.

** The Grade 12 school fee does not include the IBO examination fees. Please click here to view them.

Additional Fees 2020-2021 in Euros

Application Fee (non-refundable) 100
Registration Fee (non-refundable) 3,000
Book Deposit (refundable) 300

Cost - External Services in Euros

IBO examination fees for Grade 12 students
Annual bus fees (2019-2020), from
Fee overview

Depending on the tax laws applicable, the fees paid to BBIS may possibly be tax-deductible.
Please contact your tax advisor on the options. 

Families with low income can apply for school fees/registration fee adjusted to their gross family income.
For further information please click here: School Fees Reduction Programme