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BBIS brings together over 100 faculty, teachers, educators, business and facilities professionals from 20 countries to provide our school with the balance of an internationally minded community. Our Faculty of certified, experienced and committed professionals come to BBIS for numerous reasons. With Berlin as an anchor – the cities values of diplomacy, tolerance and culture are embodied within our community.

At BBIS we encourage the ongoing development of our staff to be responsive to societal and technological change, and ready to support the learning opportunities we provide for our students.

All staff is entitled to professional development. Diverse training and learning opportunities are further provided through in-house initiatives. Staff is encouraged to attend, speak and deliver workshops at key international education conferences like AGIS, ECIS and CIS.

Professional Development and Training Workshops hosted at BBIS will be posted here throughout the year.

Upcoming Workshops

BBIS Teacher Summer School

Since 2015, leading educational researcher Mark Church from Harvard University comes to the BBIS campus for a summer intensive training workshop. Staff members from BBIS and our professional colleagues from the international education community come together to explore, test, and prototype evolved ways of learning.  

To learn more about current vacancies, please visit our Employment page.

Previous Workshops

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2019:

         Mark Church - Making Thinking Visible, 5-7 August 2019

European Summit on Sustainable Leadership, 30 May - 1 June2019

ECIS Middle Leadership Course - Assessment & Leadership, 2-3 November 2018

ECIS Middle Leadership Course - Managing & Embracing Conflict, 14-15 September 2018   

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2018:

        Mark Church -  Making Thinking Routine, 6-8 August 2018
        Elke Paul - Positive Education in a Nutshell, 9-10 August 2018   

ECIS Middle Leadership Courses:

  • Culture of Leadership,  16-17 March 2018
  • Building & Leading Teams, 20-21 April 2018

Google Summit at BBIS, 8-9 January 2018

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2017:

        Mark Church - Promoting a rich story of learning, 9-11 August 2017.

Workshops for Early Education Educators

  • Tinkering as a way of Inquiry, 3 April 2017
  • Documentation and Play, 4 April 2017

ManageBac User Group Conference, 24-25 March 2017

Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry with Kath Murdoch, 4-5 February 2017

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2016:

        Mark Church - Creating a Culture Where Thinking & Understanding Thrive, 11 - 13 August 2016

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2015:

        Mark Church - Creating a Culture of Learning, 4 - 7 August 2015