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We are a 700 student international English-Language IB Day and Boarding School offering Early Education through Grade 12. Not only do we provide all four IB programmes, we are the first in the world to do so. Our campus is spacious and forested with over 360,000 sqm for growth and discovery. In Fall 2015, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary and are excited about what's to come. Working with purpose, vision and a detailed master plan we have committed ourselves to continued investment and upgrades to our school and campus - both inside and out.


BBIS is here to provide a leading international education that inspires students in a pursuit of lifelong learning and excellence both in and out of the classroom. We do this by celebrating diversity in a caring, internationally minded community. We offer an inclusive environment to empower learners to fulfill their unique potential. We guide our students to become responsible and compassionate contributors to positive change both at home and on an international scale.

Our Values


Most of our students will see the 22nd Century - a journey which we have to equip them for. We take risks to replace the good with the better - ensuring our students are challenged, pushed and supported to the edge of the next generation of learning!


We are fortunate to be surrounded by space and nature, we channel this luxury as a mind set - it allows us to grow. Our experience helps us to set the right pace for individual activities and simply give time for development.


The classroom is just one platform in which we can excel. We believe that the whole-person develops on the stage, the pitch, in the pool, in the forest and in the community centre as well.


Growing up is not easy, but we understand the challenges and changes that occur. We support our 3 years olds to 19 year olds with dedicated, caring professionals at every step of the way. 24/7 security and a strong child-protection policy makes BBIS safe in all respects.