Professional Development

BBIS supports and creates professional development opportunities for our team throughout the school year.


BBIS is a true learning community. Our staff attend and deliver workshops and presentations at key international conferences hosted by organisations like AGIS, ECIS and CIS. We also host in-house workshops and invite experts to train our staff on a regular basis.

Recent workshops

  • Teaching and Learning for Intercultural Understanding by Debra Radar, Heidi Bachman & Sarah Kupke
  • K - 5 Writer's Workshop by Christy Curran
  • Character Strengths & Positive Teaching Practises
  • Positive Education Parent & Teacher Session

BBIS Summer School

Since 2015, leading educational researcher Mark Church from Harvard Graduate School of Education provides summer courses based on the principles of Making Thinking Visible and Creating Cultures of Thinking.

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2021:
Mark Church – Making Thinking Visible (beginners and advanced course)

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2020:

Fran Korthals – Positive Education
Sean Walker – Workshop IB Evidencing Learning
Aisha Kristiansen – Apple Teacher Training
Maryam Ferdosi – Kognity Training

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2019:

Mark Church – Making Thinking Visible
European Summit on Sustainable Leadership
ECIS Middle Leadership Course – Assessment & Leadership
ECIS Middle Leadership Course – Managing & Embracing Conflict

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2018:

Mark Church – Making Thinking Routine
Elke Paul, Michaela Jung, Fran Korthals – Positive Education in a Nutshell
ECIS Middle Leadership Courses
Google Summit at BBIS

BBIS Teacher Summer School 2017:

Mark Church – Promoting a rich story of learning Workshops for Early Education
ManageBac User Group Conference
Kath Murdoch - Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry