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The BBIS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization made up of parents and staff members who volunteer their time throughout the school year to help with the following important aspects of our school community:

  • Fostering school spirit and cooperation among the school community
  • Enriching the educational experiences of BBIS students
  • Bringing home and school closer together

The PTA organizes and supports many different activities:

Coffee Mornings

A great opportunity to welcome new families and to have a chat with old friends. We get to know other parents and help each other, for example, in finding our way around in a new country.  Coffee mornings are organized on a regular basis at the homes of volunteers. 

Bake Sales

Three to four times a year the PTA organizes a bake sale. Parents can send in snacks, which then can be bought by all the children at school.

Cultural Days 

Primary School organizes Cultural Days where parents present their home culture to the children. There is a theme for the week and each country’s presentation will reflect that theme. The PTA coordinates the contributions from the participating countries to this aspect of the curriculum.

Winter Bazaar

The PTA enables the children to shop at school for small holiday presents. With the help of many parents, a shop is set up where the children can buy gifts, which are nicely wrapped for them. 

Staff Appreciation Day

Once a year the PTA  organizes this day to show the appreciation for the work of the teachers and staff. An international lunch made by the parents is provided for them.

Summer Fest

A Family Fest close to the end of the school year. Parents prepare and sell food and special items from their home countries, children can play games, and there is entertainment on stage. This is a fun day for the whole family and a true highlight of the year.

Other Events

When possible, the PTA arranges other events for parents and staff. In the past, such events were evening parties, a  back-to-school picnic, and a walk around the Seeberg. 


Some of the activities mentioned above are fundraising activities for the PTA. With the money raised, the PTA is able to award grants to teacher suggested projects twice a year, and to support various school activities. For example, in recent years money went to the playground, to camping equipment for the International Award project and to the library.

The PTA Booster Club also offers support to the school during larger sports events, Parent-Teacher Conferences and other special occasions such as the welcoming of new families at the beginning of a new school year.