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European Summit on Sustainable Leadership

The Inaugural European Education & Sustainability Leadership Summit

Education For A Sustainable Global Future


The planet and its people face a crisis of unprecedented scale, urgency and complexity, and education is part of the problem – but also part of the solution.
The current economic, environmental and social trends are dangerously unsustainable. What contribution can and must the education sector play in responding to the impending crisis?
The education sector needs to reflect hard, and fast, on what it teaches, how it teaches, where it teaches and the standards it sets in terms of its culture, leadership and modelling the way.

I had to critically reappraise my own practice and reorient what I do. I had been complacent. I know now that my real work is only beginning.
Principal, South-East Asia


Designed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the University of Cape Town, The Education and Sustainability Leadership Summit follows on from successful programmes in Asia (at UWC South East Asia, Singapore) and Africa (Bishops’ School, Cape Town, with our regional partner, the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa - ISASA).
The programme’s conceptual framework offers three days of strategic engagement on the subjects of leadership and organisational culture; curriculum design and pedagogy; and school infrastructure, led by an experienced, expert faculty drawn from the worlds of sustainability and education of experience and pedigree.

All participated well, got to know one another and thus comfortable to speak. Well led by facilitator who encouraged open-mindedness and kept focus.
Teacher, Cape Town

Why Should I Attend?

  • You will be equipped to lead your institution in developing new strategies for responding to the challenge of incorporating sustainability thinking into the curricula and the governance of schools.
  • You can enable your organisation to be a change agent of society; a leader in its approach to education and sustainability. 
  • You will develop a strategic and practical approach to sustainability in education.
  • You and your students will become thought leaders in sustainability locally, regionally and globally. 
  • You will be part of a unique network of thought leaders in education and sustainability – part of an ‘Active Alumni,’ an inaugural cohort of programme graduates who contribute to the development of the programme as it extends its global reach over the coming years.

The programme was disturbing, challenging, stimulating and ultimately inspiring. I left both empowered and determined.
Student, South Africa.

Hosted by the Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS), the inaugural European Education and Sustainability Leadership Summit will take place from 30 May – 1 June, 2019. 

How Do I Apply?

We have places for representatives from 20 international schools across Europe. Each ‘place’ provides the school with the opportunity to send five people: the principal; the bursar (or equivalent); a ‘champion teacher’; and two students.

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