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Information for Boarding Agents

Do you offer an agent agreement?

We do have an agent agreement.

If you are interested in establishing a partnership, please reach out to our Admissions team.

What commission rate do you offer?

If an educational agent successfully recruits a student to attend BBIS Boarding, BBIS offers a commission of 10% of the total paid, currently valid school and boarding fees for that student during the first year of their stay at our school.

What are the admission requirements?

BBIS Boarding warmly welcomes international students from the age of 14, beginning at Grade 9.

Typically, our boarding students fall within the age range of 14 to 19 years old, with the requirement that students be 19 years of age or younger at the time of graduation.

Our primary language of instruction is English, and we align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standards. For Grade 9, students are expected to have a minimum language proficiency level of high B1 or B2. As for students in Grades 10 to 12, we anticipate a proficiency level of high B2 or C1.

Which English language certificates are accepted during the application process?

No prior completion of certificates is necessary.

We administer our own English proficiency test, which is mandatory for all non-native applicants.

What is the required level of English proficiency for students?

For Grade 9, students are expected to have a minimum English proficiency level of high B1 or B2.

Following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standard, students in Grades 10 to 12 should attain a proficiency level of high B2 or C1.

How can I initiate the application process?

Before starting the application, kindly register your agent account.

Visit our website at and click on 'Enrol Online.' On the subsequent page, select 'Register,' then choose 'Agent.' Once your agent account is set up, you can proceed to add the student's application to your profile.

What documents should candidates prepare for the application process?

As part of the application, we request the submission of the following documents:

  • School reports from the last three years (original and officially translated into English).
  • Proof of measles vaccination (original and officially translated into English or German). Please note that two vaccination shots are compulsory in Germany.
  • Copies of all passports for both the student and parents (in case of different nationalities).
  • Copy of the student's original birth certificate and a translation (English or German). For international birth certificates with non-Latin characters, a transliteration according to the ISO standard (ISO-Norm 9: 1995) is required.
  • If the family or student is residing in Germany, please provide a copy of the student's or family's residence permits.
What is the step-by-step application process?

To facilitate the application process, please follow these steps:

  1. Create an agent account at This account grants access to the student’s application and communication during the admissions process.
  2. Add the student to your agent account and complete/submit the online application form.
  3. The subsequent steps involve admissions tests (depending on the grade level) and interviews with the school principal and head of boarding.
  4. This is followed by the final review.
  5. Once a place at BBIS is offered, we will prepare contractual documents that must be signed by all parents/legal guardians.
  6. The school and boarding registration fees are due upon returning the signed documents.

Please note: Students from certain countries must provide proof of payment for the full academic year when applying for a national visa.

Where do the students live during the academic year?

Students live in our boarding house, centrally located on the school campus.

For more details, please visit our website.

Do boarding students need a guardian in Germany?

Boarding students do not require a guardian in Germany.

Do you collaborate with educational agencies on a commission basis?

Yes, we collaborate with agents worldwide and participate in agent events, including STA Travel and ICEF, as well as recruitment exhibitions.

What are the total school and boarding fees for one year?

Depending on the grade level and visa requirements, the total cost of school and boarding in the first year can vary between 45,000 and 51,000 EUR. For up-to-date fees please visit our school fees and boarding fees pages, which also detail all additional fees.

Please note that all listed boarding fees are in addition to all listed school fees.

What are the additional fees for boarding students?

You can see our current school and boarding fees here. Please note that all stated boarding fees are in addition to the school fees. The schedules also state additional fees (i.e. deposits, registration fees etc.).

The following costs are additional:

  • PE uniform (about 100 EUR) for students in Grades 9 and 10
  • Health insurance (required when living in boarding) – the insurance we recommend costs approx. 950 EUR per year
  • Extra-curricular activities (270 EUR per activity/term or unlimited activities for the whole school year 490 EUR)
  • Fees incurred during sports tournaments or other school-related extra-curricular activities which take place outside the Berlin area
  • School locker (2.20 EUR per month + 30 EUR deposit) optional
  • 2 boarding trips per year (about 300 EUR per trip)
  • For Grade 12 students: IB exam fees (about 510 EUR)
  • Pocket money
Do you offer scholarships?

BBIS does not offer scholarships.

What are the age and grade requirements for boarding students?

We welcome students from Grade 9 (aged 14 and older).

BBIS is home to about 80 boarding students from across the globe, who have joined us for Grades 9 to 12 of schooling.

How long does the admissions process take?

This can depend on the documentation required and the volume of applications we are processing. It can take up to six weeks.

Learn more about the application process.

Do students have to sit entry exams as part of the admissions process?

Students may be tested and screened depending on age and language proficiency.

This may include testing in English, mathematics and German, as well as a web-based aptitude test.

Can BBIS IB DP graduates attend a German public university?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is recognised internationally by many universities, but the entry criteria depends on each university's rules.

For further information on the recognition of the IB Diploma in Germany, please visit the website of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

What are the different nationalities of day and boarding students?

Our day students come from more than 70 different countries.

In our boarding school, we generally have students from up to 25 different countries at any one time.

Does the school help boarding students acquire a visa to enter Germany?

Yes. We can assist boarding students during the visa application process by providing the necessary documents once the admissions process has been successfully completed.

Please keep in mind that the visa process might take a long time. We, therefore, recommend that you contact the German Consulate/Embassy in your home country first and ask them how long it will take.

Is the boarding house closed during school holidays?

Yes, the boarding house is closed during the October, Winter, February and Spring breaks.

Boarding students must depart during those times. The boarding house is also closed completely during the summer break and all boarding students must depart for the summer when essential cleaning and maintenance takes place.

What is the daily schedule for boarding students?

Life at BBIS Boarding balances a structured schedule with free time, fostering a ‘home away from home’ environment in which students have the support they need to feel safe and comfortable.

While every day is different, the scheduled moments offer the security of a routine. Here’s what a typical school day looks like:

From Monday to Friday, the students are at school. On Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays, the schedule is more relaxed – with a range of activities and trips to keep the students busy, while giving them time for further study either in the boarding house or the school library.

Here’s what a typical school day looks like:

7:00amAll boarding students awaken
7:15am - 7:45amBreakfast
8:00am - 2:55pmSchool day including lunch at school
3:00pm - 5:30pmExtra-curricular activities or free time
5:30pm - 6:30pmDinner and announcements
6:30pm - 8:00pmSupervised study hall
8:00pm - 9:45pmActivities, free time and duties
10:00pmRoom check and saying "good night"

What are the weekend activities?

Our boarding students take part in many different activities, clubs and events, both at school and in the wider community in Kleinmachnow and Berlin. As well as the school’s extra-curricular programme, BBIS Boarding offers a full programme of weekday and weekend activities and clubs. Recent examples include:

  • Thai cooking school
  • Cinema trips
  • Bundesliga football trip
  • Poker and Cards club
  • Chess, gym and cooking club
  • Berlin Botanical Gardens and Christmas markets
  • Escape Rooms
  • Go Karting
  • Paintball

Many boarding students take part in off-campus activities, playing sport for local clubs and teams, and spending their free time exploring surrounding areas. We regularly take students on excursions to local attractions and, twice a year, we head off on overnight trips to places like Rügen, Hamburg and Dresden.