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A learning environment dedicated to the creative, curious and caring qualities of children – both inside and out.

BBIS provides its students with a cooperative, caring environment in which to learn through a challenging, comprehensive, and engaging curriculum. The curriculum framework used throughout the Primary School is the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), while our Early Education programme draws additional influence from Reggio Emilia – the renowned educational philosophy and approach rooted in the principles of respect, responsibility and community.

Our Primary School makes itself home in and outside a brand new purpose built facility, designed especially for young children and their diverse learning needs. Leveraging the qualities of environment – spacious, natural and filled with light, we have created an environment for a child that speaks of optimism, care, playfulness and growth.

‘We had the opportunity to approach the reconstruction of our primary school in two ways – rebuild what we had with new materials, or be bold and create something entirely new and special. I think everyone is happy we chose the latter.’
Angela Hollington – Primary School Principal

Students in the IB Primary Years Programme are between the ages of three and eleven and are placed in a grade level based on their age. Students from 3-5 learn in our Early Education Community which is separate from the learning spaces of the older students. Grades 1 to 5 correspond to the American class grading system and students need to be 6 to be accepted into Grade 1. Teachers differentiate their lessons to meet the specific learning needs of the students in their class.

Our aim is to nurture globally minded citizens who display the IB learner profile characteristics. This aim is a central part of all four of the International Baccalaureate programmes.

To learn more about the IB Primary Years Curriculum please click here and for more on Reggio Emilia, here.