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Life at BBIS is multifaceted with a diverse range of opportunities to develop talents, focus on interests and explore new ones as part of the lessons and extra curricular activities. We value our green and spacious campus space and the opportunities it offers. Throughout the year, we provide students with balanced and varied programmes. BBIS staff members and external instructors offer their time and commitment to supporting students outside the classroom - whether it be coaching sports teams, producing musicals, leading field trips to Berlin or supporting student leadership initiatives in or outside school. This enables us to constantly expand and adapt to growing needs of our student body.

It is our goal to stimulate and encourage all students to participate in after school activities and extra-curricular productions. We are committed to ensuring each student can find a positive environment to help their holistic development, which includes the chance  and by doing so, to develop new friendships, share and develop passions and integrate into our an international community while participating in cultural exchange.