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The athletics programme consists of competitive and recreational sports, which are offered over three seasons throughout the academic year. Each sport is offered once during these terms, which enables us to offer a wide variety of sports. Our programme is in line with the German International School Sports Tournament organization (GISST). We strongly encourage all students to engage themselves in this athletics and further develop or find a new passion. Since 2013-2014 season, we are now also involved in the European Sports Conference (ESC). This conference connects well to our aims that we have at BBIS. In this conference we work toward a common aim to achieve an efficient and well-balanced program that promotes healthy competition, sportsmanship, and full participation.

Extracurricular Activities (ECA) Programme

Athletics is part of the Extracurricular Activities (ECA) programme, which oversees the complete range of activities at BBIS. Most activities are offered through this programme which coordinates registration, scheduling, and information about each ECA. The athletics programme also sends out seasonal sign-ups for training and after school and weekend games.

Activities are organized into three terms (autumn, winter and spring) and take place in the afternoons or, in some cases, at lunchtime. Activities like sports, art, drama and music might have weekend activities as well. The programme changes from term to term, with some activities continuing and new ones begin. Between 50 and 60 ECAs are offered at BBIS each term, both sporting and non-sporting.

For more information about our ECA programme please reach out to our ECA coordinator ( or check our ECA page.


Our Athletic Director, Wouter Allard, is in charge of creating a portal not only for our school, but also for GISST and ESC.


BBIS staff members serve as coaches and chaperones on the athletics teams. We value and encourage staff members in working with the students outside the classroom, thus extending BBIS’s holistic philosophy and mission.


The athletics programme emphasizes participation, commitment, self-discipline, sportsmanship, effort and teamwork. Our competitive teams aim to play to the best of their ability and be successful in their games and tournaments. We teach our teams and players “to win and loose with grace”.

We would like to emphasize that we do not cut players from our teams. All players get the opportunity of training and playing some friendly games. Because of the limits in players allowed to go to GISST and ESC tournaments, we must limit our selection of players for those events only.

Travel Opportunities

Our students are involved in weekend and weekdays games and tournaments both in and outside of Berlin. We also travel within Europe and aim to provide students with an athletic as well as a cultural experience. We strongly believe that being part of a team helps our students to develop as considerate, disciplined, culturally aware and open-minded people who strive to get the best out themselves and their team.

Recreational Sports

Some of the recreational activities that are on offer throughout the year are (may vary from year to year) sailing, archery, football, basketball, climbing, golf, karate and softball.