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Music & Drama


Music plays a vital role in building bridges within our international community: bridges between students, between cultures, between languages, between home and school, between individual needs and group goals. BBIS has well-equipped music classrooms with a wide range of instruments, a music technology lab, private practice rooms, and several performance spaces.

At BBIS, music is taught from Early Education to Grade 12 within the framework of all our IB programmes. In the PYP, students are introduced to an extensive palette of skills, cultures, contexts, composition strategies, performance opportunities, and the sheer joy of making music together. They are provided with situations to be involved from an early age in the process, as well as the product, of public performance. These opportunities include concerts, musicals, operas, assemblies, and matinee recitals.

Within the MYP framework, students continue with group music-making and performing, benefiting from music as a vehicle for communicating with each other and the world. They build up a broad musical repertoire by learning part-songs and canons from different cultures and time periods. At the same time, students develop their aural perception, analysis, musical literacy, and composing skills while studying the contexts of music history and the structures of music theory.  From Grade 9 on, music is an elective. Through differentiated instruction, students have the opportunity to acquire, develop, and enhance the composition and performance skills necessary to open doors to the IB Diploma Music programme.

The IB Diploma Music programme is an exciting course that enables students to reach their full potential as young performers and composers and encourages the development of their analytical skills.  There is a suite of computers available where students experiment with various composition programmes. Music teachers encourage students to find their own voice through their original composition work and multiple performance opportunities during the school year. Students are encouraged to listen to a wide variety of music critically and attend live performances whenever possible. 

Co-Curricular Instrumental Music Programme

BBIS encourages students of all ages to be actively involved in developing their musical talents and offers instrumental music lessons as part of a holistic education. These private lessons are provided through the school’s Co-curricular Instrumental Music Programme for students in pre-school through Year 12, their parents and staff of the school. Lessons are provided in English by a team of experts and experienced musicians, currently on the following instruments: Piano, voice, electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums and percussion, saxophone, violin, viola and cello. 

Please contact the Co-Curricular music coordinator, Johannes Haage, should have any questions.

Berlin International Music Project (BIMP)

In addition, BBIS is the founder and host of BIMP – the Berlin International Music Project. Together with other Berlin international schools students take part in an annual concert of ensembles including choirs, orchestras and jazz bands. BIMP was founded in 2010 with the intention of creating a community music-making weekend with a quality gala concert as a culmination. BIMP regularly host many local schools from the Berlin Brandenburg area, and international groups from the USA, Hungary, Slovakia, England, France, and Madagascar.

To learn more about BIMP please contact Panni Kovacs, BIMP Coordinator or watch this recap of a previous event below. 


In living our purpose and values, within our Drama Department we support our students by helping them realize both their academic and artistic potential. 

Fostering a lifelong love and participation in the theatrical arts, we offer a number of educational opportunities for students whether they seek to enhance their confidence in oral expression, develop recreational performing talents, or focus on applying these skills professionally. 

We believe that all students deserve an opportunity to grow through the exploration and experimentation in the theatre. We do not limit students at any level of coursework, and we strive to involve as many students as possible both on-stage and off in our extracurricular productions. We purposefully select scripts that stretch our students while offering numerous opportunities for students to grow. 

By regularly producing numerous drama and theatre productions through out the year, we are able to relentlessly pursue excellence within the craft. We are committed to fostering hard work, integrity, personal responsibility, and respect for self and others. We aim to help students understand the nature of the theatre: to understand it by performing theatre as well as by studying theatre; to understand theatre not only with their minds but with their senses, their bodies and their emotions; to understand the diverse forms theatre takes in cultures other than their own; and through this understanding to better understand themselves, their society, and their world. Through exploration and engagement in the theatre, students will discover the value and impact of the arts in society and culture. The goal is creating lifelong learners, performers, and patrons of the arts.