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Peacemakers are Primary School students who listen and actively help other Elementary school students find peaceful and fair solutions to daily conflicts or problems. At BBIS we offer a peer mediator training for our 4th and 5th graders to become Peacemakers where an emphasis is put on developing their skills as experienced and compassionate listeners and reflectors, who can help facilitate conflict resolution. Students commit to participating in a full-day training programme with follow up sessions taking place during lunch/recess and thereafter work in pairs, scheduled for duty on the playground during lunch/recess by the programme coordinators. When they are on duty, Peacemakers ask if disputing students want help and then assist students to seek a peaceful expression and resolution of their conflicts by using the Peace Bridge and so help create a respectful and caring BBIS community.

Peacemakers also share their knowledge and skills at assemblies and by visiting classrooms and helping students to understand and practice the BBIS Peace Bridge.

Peacemakers believe...

  • Conflict is natural and an opportunity to learn.
  • Students can solve their own problems fairly.
  • Students are caring and responsible people.
  • Conflicts can be resolved peacefully.

Peacemakers’ Job Description:
Peacemakers are students who are or can or want to be a leader and trustworthy member of the BBIS community; model of fair play and caring for others; team player and likes to work with groups of people fairly; respectful of fellow students; helper and communicator for all students in the Primary School; helper to express personal feelings and needs fairly in conflicts; careful observer and listener without taking sides; takes initiative and is willing to try new things; seeks to help improve climate at BBIS; dependable and responsible for their own actions; active contributor to the BBIS community; and willing to commit to acting as Peacemakers during lunch/recess and attend meetings during recess or lunch time.