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Working cooperatively with BBIS students and teachers, the Student Council represents the student body, by offering them a voice and a chance to contribute to the BBIS community. We are dedicated to serving BBIS students and we seek opportunities to bring our school community together.

Taking action to make a difference is our goal! By initiating community-building activities such as Spirit Days and fundraising events, we strive to build a supportive, happy and respectful environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued.

Student Council representatives are selected by their classmates to become a member of Student Council for one year. Representatives from the Grades 1-5 homerooms meet every week during their lunch break to discuss a variety of school related issues. Currently, our Primary Student Council consists of 14 students and three advisors.

The Secondary School Student Council meets regularly under the guidance of a teacher representative and the school counsellor, who act as advisors. Student Council Class Representatives and the Executive (Student Council President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) are democratically elected by the student body. 

The students and staff of the Secondary School are committed to the principles of student government and acknowledge the value of granting students considerable autonomy in the governance of their affairs as means by which strong character is developed and nurtured. Student governance promotes leadership, self-confidence, and self-reliance.  It is a privilege, not a right, and teaches students important lessons regarding the proper balance of freedom, privilege, and responsibility.

The Secondary School Student Council connects the student body to the faculty and acts as the student voice, with the goal of enhancing the learning experience of students at BBIS. The purpose of student council is to serve the student body of BBIS, voice student opinions to the administration, to train students in leadership, and to aid the development of other student organisations such as the Human Rights Club, Student Ambassadors, Gay/Straight Alliance etc.

Additionally, a MYP Student Leadership Team plays an important role in decision making for all issues relating to Grades 6 to 10. The student leadership in Secondary School MYP is connected to the house system. Each house elects two student house leaders at the beginning of the school year. They meet with their houses regularly and act as advisors to students across grade levels.

What does a Student Council Representative do?

  • Report Student Council news to their classes
  • Get ideas from their classmates to bring to Student Council meetings
  • Sponsor spirit days
  • Work on school related projects
  • Organize fundraising events to support good causes, locally and globally

For further information please reach out to one of our Student Council Advisors found in the sidebar on this page.