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We are keen to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience sets for our vacant positions. 

Visit our Faculty & Administration page to learn more about our team, professional development and our annual BBIS Summer School for Educators. 

Please note only applications made via our Online Application Form will be considered.

Dedicated to supporting new & existing staff!

​Screening All Employees And Volunteers

All applicants for regular work within the school, whether voluntary or paid, will be interviewed before an appointment is made and will be asked to provide at least three references. All such references will be followed up. A police clearance (Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis) will be required of all applicants. Updated, police clearances will be required of all staff and volunteers at regular intervals.

In case applicants have unexplained gaps in their employment history, or have moved frequently from one job to another, explanations will be sought.

All appointments, both paid and voluntary, will be subject to a probationary period and will not be confirmed unless the school administration is confident that the applicant can be safely entrusted with children and young people.

Current Openings:

Please remember the school section in which a position is advertised. You will need this information later for the application form.

Primary School

Substitute Teacher (f/m/d)

Home Language Hebrew (f/m/d)

Home Language Mandarin (f/m/d)

Home Language Russian (f/m/d)

Secondary School

Substitute Teacher (f/m/d)

Student Support Services

Boarding School

Mentor (f/m/d)


Sekretärin - Teilzeit (m/w/d) 

IT Administrator (m/w/d)